Elementary Library Makerspace Resources

Collaborative Resources created with Mrs. J in the Library

Elementary Librarians to Follow

Twitter  Blog Library or School District
Andy Plemmons http://expectmiraculous.com/ Barrow Media Center
David Saunders http://designsaunders.com/ The Greenwich Country Day School
Shawna Ford http://curtiselementarylibrary.blogspot.com/ Former ES, now Future Ready Learning Coordinator
Nancy Jo Lambert McSpedden Elementary Library Makerspace Former ES, now Reedy High School Library
Cynthia Alaniz Librarian in Cute Shoes Coppell Isd
Todd Burleson http://azenlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Hubbard IDEA Lab
Molly Magro (Not blogging yet- but great Twitter feed!)
Tina Beruman Cannon Reads Cannon Elementary Library
Nan Stifel http://www.chsbookster.com Concord Hill School
Tracy Rice Elementary Libguide Leanderisd
Collette J. A Wrinkle in Tech Spring Ridge Elementary School
Gwyneth Jones The Daring Librarian
Donna Macdonald Orchard School Library Makerspace Orchard School Library

STEM Facilitators in Elementary

Teacher/Twitter Site/Blog   Interesting Links
Josh Burker http://joshburker.com/
Karly Moura http://karlymoura.blogspot.com/ Teacher On Special Assignment, Sun Terrace Elementary School
Jess Malloy Plano Isd Teacher of the Year Award
Carol of Teachers Are Terrific http://teachersareterrific.blogspot.co.za/ Carol’s Teacher Pay Teacher Site

Amazing Professors Teaching Teachers/Librarians

Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager http://inventtolearn.com/
Kristin Fontichiaro http://www.fontichiaro.com/activelearning/
Make to Learn http://m2l.indiana.edu/

Best Resources for Elementary School Makerspaces

Circulating Maker Kits– Mrs J in the Library, including MARC records More Circulating Maker Kits by Mrs J in the Library (GoldieBlox™, Marble maze building, Paper circuitry) Makerspace Library Centers for a fixed schedule by Mrs J in the Library

(littleBits™, GoldieBlox™, Marble maze building, Coding, Paper circuitry, electric sewing, and others)

Maker Bridge – “community for anyone interested in makerspaces, especially in libraries and schools.” Makerspaces.com – This guy has a pretty great Twitter feed, can’t wait to see what the webpage is like! Tinkerlab– Lots of great Science experiments and art activities.
K-12 Fab Labs & Makerspaces Google Group (heavily skewed towards secondary, but still lots of great ideas & colleagues) K-12 Fab Lab & Makerspaces Resource Website 42 STEM Challenges – Bundle on TPT
50 STEM Activities for Kids – mostly Pre-K through K/1 Engineering is Elementary – Engineering Curriculum developed by the Museum of Science in Boston.  Lesson ideas by grade level!


Follow a ton of libraries on Instagram, and also mom STEM bloggers from whom you can find lots of ideas to do with your elementary students.  Just start following people who look interesting and you’ll see new ideas in your feed everyday! The best thing about Instagram, is that people post pics of easy and cheap projects, and most of the time you can make them with stuff from around your house. Some great hashtags for Instagram: #librariesofinstagram , #libraries , #librarylife , #librarylove, #makerspace ,etc.

Great Pinterest Boards

Mrs. J in the Library

Makerspaces for Elementary Schools Pinterest Board

Library Makerspaces Pinterest Board

(Cari Young created the library centers model of instruction for a fixed schedule, Image by Cari Young)

Bourne Idea Lab

“Our collection of project ideas, amazing works by other makers, books we flip through for inspirations, etc. Enjoy!”

Tinker Lab

She has a ton of great boards to follow! STEM, Awesome Mom Blogs, and more!

Homeschool Resources

Great Articles (will add more later)

Free Resources


16 thoughts on “Elementary Library Makerspace Resources

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  2. I can’t begin to tell you how much you have helped me with the beginnings of transforming my Junior High library into an Innovation Center for makerspaces. By having all of these wonderful resources in one place has been incredible. Thanks for all of your dedicated efforts! Melinee Fernandez Miami Florida @mellie1245


  3. This is a fantastic compilation of resources. I feel so honored to be included! Another great program that we are hoping to introduce soon at our site is Novel Engineering. A wonderful way to integrate engineering and literacy into elementary and middle school. Check it out at http://www.novelengineering.org.


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