Maker Education Lessons and Projects

Makey Makey Lessons


Invention Literacy

littleBits Lessons(More in our #Bigmakerbook)


3D Printing Design

Lesson Ideas
  • Science- Design and print plate tectonics and use our Arduino or littleBits to program the different wave forms from the Seismograph readings of particular earthquakes.
  • Business- Design a product for a business class, market it, and sell it at school “market”
  • Science- Human Body Redesign- How could we design a better functioning human body? Design a movable/functional body part
  • History – Design a functional hand cart or other product that would aide pioneers utilizing things only available from that time period
  • History/Science- Design a functioning catapult

Design Challenges for 3D Printing

  • Sphero Chariot Design Challenge
  • Jewelry Design Challenge
  • Game Figurines for Makey Makey Challenge Game Controller (Or even designing the game controller itself and creating it with the 3D printer.)

6 sec Vine How-Tos

Sphero Lessons (More in our #Bigmakerbook)

Paper Circuit Tutorials (Not written by me)

Paper Circuit Tutorials (By Me)

Looking for Year Long Programming Guide and Resource Page?

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