#Crowdsourcing Copper Tape Organization

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I love conductive tape. Copper tape, fabric tape, adding double-sided sticky tape to aluminum foil, foil insulation tape, and more. However, after my last workshop for educators, my super skinny copper tape ended up like the above. I don’t mind unraveling and recoiling since it’s like unraveling a ball of yarn and a similar zen is reached while you roll it up… However, I knew there had to be some good solutions out there.

S0 right before the winter break, I posted this picture asking for copper tape management ideas from other maker educators. I got a lot of great ideas and wanted to share them with you all to help keep your makerspace mess a little bit neater.

Instagram Responses

  • mypaperlessclassroom – I ration it. Only I touch it. There must be a dispenser you could print. What would Jay Do? What would Josh do? @joshburker
  • joshburker – I put the fresh roll in a ziplock bag with only the end poking out. Turns the bag into a dispenser of sorts.
  • essente – I had colleagues share this 3D printed copper tape holder with me: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1170781
  • kzawodny – I cut it into ~3″ pieces and hand those out
  • dbpeins  – I slit 1/4 to 1/8, cut to about 30 inches length, carefully orient them same-side up, roll them around my hand and gently stuff in a small ziplock, about 15 per bag.
  • nstifel01 – Ziploc bag works for me, and I distribute precut pieces to the kids

Copper tape management suggestions? Ideas? Thanks! #makered

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Twitter Responses

Educators on Twitter had lots of inventive ideas too!


Updated 1/14/17:

What a cool tape rack from Make Shop Pittsburgh! Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

Your Ideas?

I love the zip lock bag idea because it’s a quick and easy fix, but I’d love to create a roll dispenser to include all my favorite tapes on one holder.

So how do you keep your copper tape organized?

#FETC – Challenge Based Learning in the #Makerspace and More Events!

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If you missed the live Makey Makey chat this week you can view it here. We had a good time and I shared a few projects from the 3rd book Aaron and I are working on (Makey Makey for the Evil Genius and it will be out in July.) Lastly, if you are part of the #bigmakerbookclub, make sure you sign up on the Gdoc so you can get access to the Google Hangout Link that the moderators will send out next week.  We will be video chatting live on January 19th at 7pm CST, and I can’t wait to see your projects!