Invent to Learn Webinar with Sylvia Martinez

Last week I was able to host a Makey Makey webinar with Sylvia Martinez, one of the authors of Invent to Learn. We chatted about starting a makerspace, tools you’d need/want, and more! Head on over to the Makey Makey blog to watch and see the resources mentioned!


P.s. If interested in the Desert Island poster or the Think Make Improv robot, you can now download them for free at!



Project: Makey Makey Digital Exit Ticket

Last month I was challenged on Twitter to create a Makey Makey version of this informal bathroom rating system, but as a digital exit ticket for teachers.

I created two systems, one for teachers as an exit ticket and one for librarian’s as a data tracker.

Teacher version:

Librarian Version:

Read the whole post about this fun project over on the Makey Makey blog.  And if you just want to look at a guide to make your own, you can go here to find the details on making it!

It was super fun to be randomly challenged to make something! What should I make next?