Announcing #Evilmakeybook winners!

Giveaway.pngCongratulations to these three winners randomly selected from blog post comments via this giveaway post.  (If you are a winner, please send your full name, email, and address via this contact form.)

“Jen: I was inspired by all of the early ideas shared in the Makey group. I am looking forward to going #beyondthebanana with a new group of teachers. I plan to try out more ideas (once I have a copy!) and share in workshops along with facilitating some collaborative projects across various grade levels (K-8). I want to use more features of the Makey (e.g., back ports) and try to think outside the banana, so to speak 😉”

Elma Strong: We are new to Makey and I will be starting a Girls STEAM club in our 6-8 middle school. I would like to include literature with the Makey in order to bring “new life” to reading.”

shannonlibrarian (Shannon Walters): Love the hashtag #beyondthebanana! Makey Makeys have so much potential, but so often stay at the toy level. Low entry points/high ceiling. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book to see what ideas you’ve come up with!”

For those of you who didn’t win, the book is super affordable on Amazon and I’ll also be sending signed copies to Makey Makey if you want your copy signed by me and Aaron Graves.  (And did we mention the book is in FULL COLOR?!?!?!)

Lastly, Aaron and I made some videos to accompany projects. The first two skill level videos are now out! Watch them below and start thinking about how you can hack these projects to go #beyondthebanana.

One Banana Projects (Plug and Play)

Two Banana Projects (Light Physical Computing)

We will be releasing more videos of projects in the upcoming weeks! So stay tuned!


Makey Makey Certification Workshop at Mess Labs (1).png

Earlier this month I led a Makey Makey certification workshop for educators and makers in downtown Dallas at a hip new makerspace called Mess Labs.

It was a jam packed day of learning about Makey Makey, circuits, and invention literacy. For the better part of the morning, participants explored how Makey Makey worked, hacked poetry, and invented switches. (See inventive switches in ‘Gram below.)

Demo or Die Design Challenge

However, one of the most awesome things that came from this workshop, was seeing tables work and learn together and build their own table community. Because of this full day of learning together, in the afternoon when it came time for the design challenge where makers had to follow the design process to invent something helpful…. well…. you’ll have to see for yourself! Groups had less than an hour to identify a problem, ideate solutions, and create a prototype. I was WOWED by their work and I hope you are too!

Table Group 1: Inspired by IDEO design Process

During our Demo or Die portion of #MakeyMakey these teachers made a "PLB Personalized Learning Board" #inventionliteracy

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Table Group 2: Inspired by communication boards for special needs students

Kindergarten communication board by #makers during #MakeyMakey workshop!

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Table Group 3: Inspired by “misuse” of fidget spinners

The #makeymakey helping hand let's students light a switch to tell a teacher they need help! #makered

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Table Group 5: To help a four year old

#designthinking at its finest. "How can my 4 year old turn on a light. " #MakeyMakey #makered

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Table Group 6: Inspired by child safety!

This group made a child safety alarm! #MakeyMakey #makered

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Table Group 7: Inspired to combine literature and Makey Makey

This #awesome teacher made me a book during the demo or die portion of the Makey Makey certification workshop ! #makered #makeymakey

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Excited about Makey Makey madness? Want to get your own students #beyondthebanana ? There are five more days left in the #evilmakeybook giveaway! Go to this blog post for details!