The Makey Makey Book Drop

I get asked a lot about how I made my Makey Makey Book drop.

The how-to for this #MakeyMakey DIY switch is featured in the Interactive Room Challenge on the Makey Makey website.  I have steps for how to do it, plus lots of ideas for making your whole library interactive.  The DIY switch is so easy and awesome, I even made a timelapse video how-to in the ELA Candid Camera lesson (Video below but visit the site for the whole lesson).

I’d love to see what you do with your bookdrops. Let’s show the world that our libraries are fun, engaging, and oozing with technology. One of the best parts of my day is the surprised look on a student’s face when they turn in a book!

So, share your Makey Makey book drop, a student’s reaction with #makeymakey #bookdrop.

Who knows- maybe your awesomeness will inspire creative confidence in others! Maybe it will get your kids making something they’d never thought of before!

For some inspiration, check out this Makey Makey book drop programmed by a 3rd grader!