Stream Demco Makerspace Projects Webinar and Make ScribbleBots

Thanks to Demco for hosting this free webinar! You can now stream anytime and take a gander at how Aaron and I went live during the webinar to showcase how easy it is to make a scribblebot.  (And somehow busted the casing off of a toothbrush motor in the process! Just goes to show that you really to have to be ready for anything in a makerspace!)

I also wanted to share this how-to video for making scribblebots on my Youtube channel to help you get started making this simple tinkering machine with everyday materials. In our book The Big Book of Makerspace Projects, we’ve written step by step instructions, included a parts lists, and even shared our classroom tips for working with groups!

Over on the Demco landing page for our webinar, we have included our slides and an extensive Q&A from viewers! So, go check it out, maybe we’ll answer something you’ve been curious about yourself!

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littleBits, Designing, Rapid Prototyping, and Libraries


7 YO describes AND Gate Logic

I have a new guest blog post up on Demco’s Ideas and Inspiration blog about two of my favorite things: littleBits and library makerspaces!

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the post:

“Libraries are actually timeworn makerspaces in the sense that our communal space is a venerable place to find experts and create knowledge. The only difference is that we are moving beyond traditional literacies by adding making and invention to the mix. Now our students can create tangible things and create knowledge through that experience. Our patrons can make meaning through making. We want making and inventing to be accessible for all of our students and patrons.”


The post also discusses: design thinking, design challenges, playing to learn, and why making fits in the library.

Read the whole post here!

We house our maker materials in the library BECAUSE IT IS The one place students have access to at any point in the school day.