Dot Day Connections

International Dot Day celebrates connecting our global dots.  The Dot by Peter Reynolds, is a simple book with big message. The book suggests you “make a mark and see where it takes you.” So we asked our art students here at Lamar to make dot art and answer the essential question, “How will you make your mark on the world?”

Promo Video for Open House

We wanted to connect our dots and see what type of projects other classes did after reading this book.   It was rewarding showing off our dots to students in Weatherford, Texas.  Our students sparked many ideas with elementary students in Hawaii. One day we connected and gave them ideas for #Dotday and the next week we connected and saw their pointillism projects and even an origami yoda!    We Skyped with High School students in Florida who made coffee filter art told us how they would use our education.

Watch the video to learn more and see local coverage here.

To learn more about how librarians can help facilitate global connections, check out my guest post on Scholastic’s Education Blog Frizzle!


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