Mini Maker Faire and “A Different Kind of Literacy”

Aaron and I were both super honored to be interviewed for our local paper on our new library transformations in our local high schools.  I think Rhiannon did a great job writing about our new library makerspaces in ” A Different Kind of Literacy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.04.09 AM

We also spent the weekend promoting what we do in our libraries at our local mini- maker faire! It was a great day sharing simple brushbots, Sparkfun Redbots and Digital Sandboxes , littleBits prototyping, and Makey Makey piano fun! (Even though I of course forgot the bananas…)

Our fellow Dentonisd librarian Noel Hill joined the fray and showed kids how to build some awesome stuff too!

We packed everything up in this rolling toolbox that makes a great mobile makerspace!

I don’t know how many of you have tinkered with Arduino, but it’s a little difficult to teach students coding and Arduino right out of the gate.  I was happy to experiment more with this Sparkfun Digital Sandbox and show kids that you can program code in Ardublock and instantaneously watch your Sandbox light up!

I also loved how little people held their parent’s hands and played the Makey Makey banana piano.  Do these kids realize I waited over 30 years before I could play my first banana piano?

We had all manner of fun plugging a littleBits Makey Makey into our OG Makey Makey and watching the warring banana/ Playdoh piano wars ensue.

Lastly, this kid figured out how to do Super Mario on the bananas! So meta!

Even more pics from the Denton Mini-Maker Faire


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