DIY Chromebook Storage



Since my district isn’t 1:1 and my library computers are approaching dinosaur age, we (myself, the other RHS librarian, and my ITS) decided to buy a class set of Chromebooks for library in-house use. That way teachers could reserve time in the library for research and they’d already have class set of Chromebooks for research. Since the cost of a cart is still quite astronomical, we didn’t purchase one.

However, it quickly became obvious that we needed SOME type of organization for the cords, overnight storage, and daily use.

I spent a little time looking at Pinterest and found a few pins of literature sorters and hanging file folder solutions My ITS, Leslie Terronez, was moving up to be closer to the library and in her old office she had a hand made wooden literature sorter attached to the wall. We thought it would be a great DIY storage solution. So I got out our library drill and removed it from the wall.

I found out after posting this pic that #Macgyverlibrarianship is an amazing hashtag with many a librarian lifehack solution! What a great place to scour for more “on the cheap” ideas.

But I digress.  Just removing this from the wall, was not all we had to do. We needed the cords organized and we needed them to STAY organized.



And admittedly, I am not good with this type of thing. So please note that all of the ideas from henceforth are the ideas and brainstorming of my awesome ITS Leslie Terronez. She came up with all of the storage and cord management ideas since our Pinterest pins didn’t show the back or inside of their DIY Chromebook storage ideas.

First, we ordered these command clips, so we could make sure the charging cord was always near the plug.  At first I placed the command hook way too close to the front, we found placing them about two inches in was ideal.

Leslie used velcro on the surge protectors to attach to our table, and numbered each charging cable with low adhesive tape. (The number matches the number we have cataloged each computer in our library database.)

She used zip ties to organize the charging blocks and 7 of those blocks are in the top shelf while the other 7 are in the bottom shelf space of this unit.


From the front, it’s a beautiful, organized DIY Chromebook solution!


Thank you amazing ITS, Leslie!







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