Getting Prepped for ISTE 2016


ISTE is next week! I can’t wait to tour Sparkfun, meet my educator friends/tweeps face to face, and talk about my passion for making school makerspaces accessible for ALL STUDENTS.

Girls In STEM

Monday afternoon, Bev Ball, Diana Rendina, and I will be chatting about getting Girls in Stem and how an inclusive makerspace is more than just pink power tools. Diana, Aaron, and I are also working on a chapter dedicated to getting girls involved in maker education in our ABC Clio book. This will be a quick snapshot offering our 3 different perspectives!

Maker Education Challenge

Tuesday, I’ve been invited to be a “Master Maker” for the Maker Education Challenge. I’ll be paired up with a “Novice Maker” and have two hours to complete a challenge on the spot. Remember that in Maker Ed, we are all beginners at something. So don’t let those epithets deter you from entering or attending!

From the Eventbrite:

“Join us to observe the first Maker Education Challenge at ISTE 2016 hosted by Nick Provenzano! Master Makers David Saunders, Diana Rendina, Colleen Graves, Bill Selak, and Jeff Branson will join novice makers for the ultimate maker challenge. Starting with a challenge prompt, each team led by Master Makers will use the same materials to create an effective solution to the prompt. Join us to discover what creations lie ahead and be inspired. Refreshments will be provided for both Maker Teams and observers.”

Knights of Make-A-Lot

Lastly, Wednesday am, I’m excited to be a part of the Knights of Make-A-Lot 2 session with Diana Rendina, Nathan Stevens, and Dr. Lisa Abel-Palmieri. I’ll still be talking about inclusive makerspaces but also discussing how to reach underserved populations like minorities and students at lower socioeconomic schools. I’m honored that SLJ mentioned our session as one of the top ten things to do at ISTE! Check out the article here.

From the conference registration:

“Learn how to create makerspaces to reach underserved populations and find out how to broaden the idea of maker education.”

Session Recap

  • ISTE – Monday-  Girls in STEM June 27th at 4:15pm with Bev Ball and Diana Rendina
  • ISTE – Tuesday- (Conference Registration not required) Maker Challenge with The Nerdy Teacher – RSVP: Eventbrite Info
  • ISTE – Wednesday-  Knights of Make-A Lot Part 2- June 29th at 10:15am.



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