Introducing #MakerSlowChat!

What is #MakerSlowChat?

This slow chat was inspired by Ryan Steele‘s #EdSlowChat and the need to bring back a weekly #makered chat that was run by awesome maker educator Nathan Stevens (this chat was originally started by Laura Blankenship and international educator Andrew Carle). At ISTE, Nathan, Diana, and I talked about bringing this maker education focused chat back with a new hashtag and whilst trying to decide on the new tag- we realized we really wanted to include our international friends and educators. Therefore, we thought a slow chat would allow anyone in any time zone to participate. Plus, it would give educators time to respond.

Why a slow chat?

Every week, I’ll post a question with the hashtag #MakerSlowChat. Instead of the fast and frenzied Twitter chat that ends in an hour, you’ll have a whole week to reflect, answer, respond, and add to the conversation. At your own pace, and in your favored time zone.

First Question- Week One

We wanted to start the conversation by finding out why others have decided to institute makerspaces into their K-12 school settings and find out how that foundational belief relates to your school’s mission/vision/goals.


Hop on over to Twitter and make sure you use the #makerslowchat hashtag to be included in the conversation!

Week Two


Week Three



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