Invention Literacy (For Students)

Tomorrow begins the second year of our Invention Literacy Research project! For new blog readers, you can read about last year’s process in post one, post two, and post three and even find out more about crowdsourcing Invention Literacy at SXSWedu. The rest of this post is actually just videos and links that I’m going to share with students tomorrow as we embark on our Invention Literacy journey. A full write up of our updated process will be posted this summer.


Invention: “Is it always helpful?”

Make Something!

  • Make a kazoo using instructions from the #bigmakerbook.
  • Discuss aspects of good instructions.

Maker Journals

  • Create maker journals and define big ideas for project.
  • Make a blank head with five bubbles (in your journal) and record five big concepts you keep hearing as you watch these videos.

What is Invention Literacy ?

Repurposing Junk

Cool Tweets for Seeing How Stuff Works


Check out student prototypes from last year!

 (These are password protected, so if you are not an RHS student, you can’t view them!)

What kids are saying (password protected):


Advice from last year:

Explore Materials

For the rest of class, you will choose a material to explore. Remember that eventually you will be making your own version of an invention and writing instructions for Mrs. Feranda’s students to follow. (Your instructions will include photos or videos too!)


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