New Booster Kits to Augment Makey Makey

I’m so excited our team has worked on creating new booster kits to augment the Makey Makey innovation experience! You’ll have to check back often as we will have more coming out!

I’m really stoked to share these new kits and the projects we’ve written to accompany these kits that will boost student innovation with Makey Makey!

Craft + Code

I love this Craft + Code kit because it really focuses on physical invention and thinking about how craft and invention can inspire innovation!

Draw a controller!

Get Up + Go!

The Get Up + Go kit is brilliant for getting kids up and out of their seats. I love this kit because it is a great accompaniment to issuing your students a STEM in the gym type challenge!

Go BIG with the Get Up + Go Booster Kit

What projects will these kits inspire your students to create?


Resources for teaching Makey Makey At-Home, Hybrid Models, or Remote Learning

It’s been awhile since I last updated the blog, but I’ve made a ton of new resources for Makey Makey!

First up, let’s talk safety. Here is a whole post about sanitizing Makey Makey kits and sending them home for kids who are learning from home.

How to Clean Makey Makey

Webinars for Professional Development

I also launched a new webinar series for teaching STEM from a Distance for teachers who are all on this crazy new journey of teaching from home, or teaching kids at home while you are at school, and all the other ways teachers are teaching this school year!

Free Classes and Activities

For the last six months at home, I’ve worked hard at creating classes for students and attempted to make all supplies (other than Makey Makey) items the kids would have at home.

See all the classes in this post or browse the Makey Makey how-to page.

There are 8 classes for students (and teachers) new to Makey Makey!

Beginner Makey Makey Classes

There are 6 classes published for the intermediate Makey Makey makers (and two left for me to finish writing!)

Intermediate Makey Makey Classes

Embeddable Slides

Based on these classes, I’ve been making embeddable Google Slides for teachers. Each slide holds ideas from classes for students to complete! As soon as I finish my last two maker classes, I’ll get more of these embeddable slides done for you!

Virtual Makey Makey

A lot of teachers have asked for a virtual Makey Makey and while it’s a little hard to think about how to make a virtual example of something so physical, I did create a virtual Makey Makey in Scratch that kids can use to prototype ideas digitally while they wait for their turn to have a Makey Makey at home. (I’ve heard some teachers are able to send a limited resource home, so let’s say kids are working to complete a class and they are going to make an alarm with Makey Makey, they can create a virtual example in Scratch and then test it with real materials when it is their turn to use the Makey Makey.

Teachers, you can share this Wakelet about Virtual Makey Makey with others! 

You can use this virtual Makey Makey Sprite to prototype invention ideas in Scratch!

Use the Virtual Makey Makey in your own Scratch Projects

Here is a door alarm Scratch project using the virtual Makey Makey and showing how you would set up your door alarm invention with Makey Makey! See the project in action below!

I hope all these resources are helpful to you!