Maker Projects on Instructables

Over the years I’ve published a lot of maker projects on this blog, but they tend to get buried between posts! So I’m adapting and updating them and hosting them on Instructables!

Here are the most recent guides I’ve published:




I’ve got a lot more to post! So make sure you follow my Instructables profile! (And I make all the guides for Makey Makey, so follow my Makey Makey Instructables profile too! I will be posting a tilt sensor guide this week!)

And if you have tried or hacked any of my projects, there is a spot on Instructables now to add your own teacher notes! So please share if you have any remixes, please and thank you!


Back this Kickstarter- Hack your notebook #HYNKICKSTART

I’m all for spreading more light, art, and paper circuits in the world!

Check out this excellent paper circuit kickstarter from David Cole and Nexmap!

I first learned about the Hack Your Notebook project from the National Writing Project during my first year of librarianship. I wanted to find a good way to teach my students about paper circuits and I found a free “Hack your notebook” online from Nexmap and NWP. That was a great way to start learning about paper circuits.  This new sharing from Nexmap promises to be another great resource for educators that want to blend making and writing. Plus, the four books that accompany this Kickstarter are written by some amazing maker educators!

From the Kickstarter:

BOOKS 1 – 4 : Paper Circuitry & LEDs, Pop-up, Microcontrollers, Servos

We’ve co-authored each booklet with a brilliant artist/engineer. Jie Qi,  co-founder and creative director of Chibitronics. Susan Lowdermilk book artist, pop-up specialist, and design instructor. Natalie Freed, a computational craftsperson and CS instructor, and Jeannine Huffman, a STEM and engineering educator passionate about creating low-cost introductory robotics experiences.”

(Image above from the Kickstarter)

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am sharing because I know these educators and this looks like a stellar resource! 

Click here to back this project!