Popcorn Maker is Maker-riffic!

My Makerspace workshops have been slowing down since we are in the throes of testing, and it is upsetting to me because I was sure that my Makerspace workshops on Garageband, Fangirl iBook Authors, and other Mac driven classes would increase participation.  Then the other day I got an email from Teen Tech Week talking about Mozilla’s “Teach the Web” toolkit and I realized, maybe I’m having the wrong type of technology workshop?  I opened up “Popcorn Maker” and began making the most ridiculously fun multimedia experience.  Soon 8th graders crowded around my desk to see why “Gangnam Style” was blasting from my laptop.  They helped me look for silly viral videos to add to my “popcorn.”  At that moment, I realized that this is the next Makerspace workshop and all I have to do to promote it is share this video with my students at lunch!  (Please forgive the lag time in the video- it is a free tool and therefore not professional quality- but OH SO FUN TO MAKE!)

Update: After blasting my popcorn style video at lunch, many students attended and they loved the Popcorn Maker Party! See video below:

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