Visualizing Poetry

One of my English teacher’s was excited about using a poetry lesson from Dr. Vardell’s Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School, but she wanted to take it to the next level with technology.  We collaborated together and came up with this extension utilizing the “Thing Link” app.
Here I’ve visualized the poem “The Deaf Boy” by Marilyn Singer.  We taught the lesson as suggested by Dr. Vardell, and then showed the students how to visualize the poem with this example I created in Thinglink. Once students finished their assignment they scanned a QR code from my computer which directed them to a Google Form for turn in.  This allowed my teacher to have all student project links in one Google Sheet!
Here are the student instructions:
Choose one of these poems and then create a Thinglink to visualize your poem.

  • You’ll need to Find a background image that gives your poem context.  Save it to your camera roll and then open it in Thinglink.
  • Add at least 6 interactive “thing links”  to help us visualize the poem (see example)
  • Put 6 “text bullets” as references next to your interactive link (see example.)
  • Include two examples of alliteration.
  • You must take at least one picture and one video yourself!

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