Poetry Month – #Interactive #Stickynote Poem Wall

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Last week during a very successful lesson in interactive #blackoutpoetry with Mrs. Myers’ classes, my student aides and Mrs. Smalley started working on our poetry month display. I asked one of my aides to print words on sticky notes so we could have a no-tech interactive wall next to our Makey Makey interactive poems on our display.

Wait… did you say print on sticky notes?

Yep! This is a super cool trick I figured out earlier in the year when I wanted to print “New” on sticky notes to distinguish our new books from other books on our showcase. I used the template on this page and had my student aide create a Word document then attempt to match the boxes. I just asked her to print some nouns and verbs she thought would be good for creating poetry. Once you have your words in Word, place your sticky notes on the template, put in the manual paper feed on your printer (loose side nearest to you so they don’t come off inside the printer) and hit print! Voilà! Neatly printed words on sticky notes!

Gather notes on a wall and let students make their own poetry! Here is the first revised poem by one of our RHS students below. Click through to read all the stanzas!

Butterfly Effect

I love seeing other libraries adapt and institute this super simple interactive poetry wall! Please tag me if you make your own sticky note poetry wall @gravescolleen on Twitter and @makerteacherlibrarian on Instagram!

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Other Poetry Hacks


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