Announcing Winners and a Rad Maker Shirt

Thanks to all who entered the #keenbeenerd giveaway! The results are in and the winners are….. (drumroll)

Winner of the #WordNerd t-shirt is the ultra nerdy, gamer/librarian, podcast host Matthew Winner:

Winner of the #librarylove “She Blinded Me with Library Science” t-shirt is newbie MLIS student, Guadalupe Colin:

Plus, I bugged Keen Bee Studio about the need for a Maker-brarian shirt! I think you’ll agree that this shirt is epic, and a must have for all you makerspace librarians out there!

Handmade in Denton, Tx by our local shop Pan Ector. Accepting preorders now on Etsy!MakerLibrarian by Keen Bee Studios.


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