Makey Makey Lessons for You to Hack and Fireside Chat

I had the pleasure of creating 10 shiny new lessons for Makey Makey this summer. If you haven’t seen them, I hope you’ll hop on over and not only check them out, but hack them to create your own kind of “maker mischief” in your classroom. There are lessons to get students started coding, DIY Makey Makey switches for your favorite distance/rate/time Hot-wheels lesson, and tips on creating musical water!

Water and Makey Makey

The story behind how I came to write these lessons is a pretty good one, and I was going to share it with you in a super long post, but I had a very enjoyable little fireside chat with the Makey Makey team and they’ve got the whole feature on their blog. Plus, I think this conversation really captures the philosophy behind my idea of why the makerspace is located in our library. Go check it out!


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