Biggest Takeaway from the Robotics Webinar

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to present with Mark Gura, author, and Sharon Thompson of Dream Workshop. I wanted to address some of the biggest takeaways from the Robotics webinar to follow up on yesterday’s post. Even though these takeaways are from a robotics webinar, they are applicable to all aspects of becoming a maker librarian! I often speak to these points when presenting to others interested in starting a makerspace, and it was nice to hear that reiterated by Mark and Sharon, some robotics experts!

  • You don’t have to be an expert to start. In fact, it is actually better if you learn alongside the kids!
  • It’s good for kids to see you learning. When I taught ELA, one of my favorite lessons was modeling a “think aloud.” I think a makerspace embraces that type of teaching. In a makerspace, the facilitator shouldn’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know how that works. Let’s figure it out together.”
  • A makerspace is a powerful place of learning because students are not only taught to problem solve, but they are taught to persevere!
  • Robotics can help students with the Design Thinking Mindset and the Engineering Design Process.
  • There are many ways to solve a problem. Robotics, programming and other maker activities can teach students that there is more than one right answer!

Edit: 1/29/16: After reading Sylvia Martinez’s blog post this morning, I realized I left an important element out of the equation on this infographic. Failing does not equal success.  Many students fail and it is not good for them. It is the persistence, determination, and steadfastness that students endure when working in our makerspace that gives them (and me!) growth! 

Robotics (3)



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