New Booster Kits to Augment Makey Makey

I’m so excited our team has worked on creating new booster kits to augment the Makey Makey innovation experience! You’ll have to check back often as we will have more coming out!

I’m really stoked to share these new kits and the projects we’ve written to accompany these kits that will boost student innovation with Makey Makey!

Craft + Code

I love this Craft + Code kit because it really focuses on physical invention and thinking about how craft and invention can inspire innovation!

Draw a controller!

Get Up + Go!

The Get Up + Go kit is brilliant for getting kids up and out of their seats. I love this kit because it is a great accompaniment to issuing your students a STEM in the gym type challenge!

Go BIG with the Get Up + Go Booster Kit

What projects will these kits inspire your students to create?


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