Maker Projects on Instructables

Over the years I’ve published a lot of maker projects on this blog, but they tend to get buried between posts! So I’m adapting and updating them and hosting them on Instructables!

Here are the most recent guides I’ve published:




I’ve got a lot more to post! So make sure you follow my Instructables profile! (And I make all the guides for Makey Makey, so follow my Makey Makey Instructables profile too! I will be posting a tilt sensor guide this week!)

And if you have tried or hacked any of my projects, there is a spot on Instructables now to add your own teacher notes! So please share if you have any remixes, please and thank you!


Sewing Circuit Primer with Makey Makey

Are you interested in learning about beginner sewing circuits? Wanna transfer that knowledge to your Makey Makey?

Check out my latest Instructables: Conductive Jelly Donuts: A Sewing Circuits Primer


With this guide you can teach your students to sew a simple circuit, sew a battery pack, and even sew a conductive jelly donut as a switch. (For your LED with or without the Makey Makey!)

Like Sewing Circuits?

Want more help with this? Here are some other links from my blog and others!

What are your favorite resources! Let me know in the comments below!