#evilmakeybook and #makeymakey Giveaway!

20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius is out! It is in full glorious color and in it we share fun project ideas on how to integrate lots of maker tools for your physical computing whims. We hope you have fun taking our ideas further with the ultimate digital duct-tape – the MAKEY MAKEY! To celebrate, Aaron and I are going to giveaway not one, not two, but THREE signed copies of our books and some Makey Makey swag! 🙂

Giveaway (1).png


To win the giveaway all you have to do is share this post and make a comment on this blog post about how you hope to take Makey Makey #beyondthebanana this school year. Our book is written with makers in mind, so you do not have to be a teacher or museum educator to qualify. Anyone can make cool stuff with Makey Makey! 🙂

3 Giveaway Prizes:

Giveaway (2).png

(Sorry folks, US shipping only.)

Reminder of Entry Rules:

  1. Follow and share this blog. (Share anyway you want. Email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  2. Comment on THIS post about your plans to Makey Makey #beyondthebanana for the upcoming school year (or maker year if you feel so inclined…..)
  3. Read the next blog so you can see if you’ve won and find out how to get your Makey Makey swag mailed to ya!

Giveaway ends July 31st at midnight. Winners will be randomly selected and announced via blog post on August 1st so make sure you follow the blog to see if you’ve won!

P.s. Here’s a free project idea from the book!



67 thoughts on “#evilmakeybook and #makeymakey Giveaway!

  1. I’m starting a Makerspace in my middle school library. Having this many Makey Makeys that would go #beyondthebanana would be amazing!


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  3. This year, i would like to expand my makerspaces to include the makeymakey kit. Our Elementary Library wi full of creative inventors. #beyondthebanana


  4. After starting a circulating Discovery Kit collection in May (our first circulating items were Makey Makey’s!) and having a number of Makey Makey programs at the library, I’m hoping to do more projects that kids can take home with them and work on more with our circulating kits! I also want to try more complicated projects with the back of the makey makey, too! OH and maybe even some Makey Makey art projects! 🙂


  5. I made a post — but think it deleted?! So I am re-commenting! In March we created a circulating Discovery Kit collection at our library (our first kits were Makey Makey’s!), and we have done some simple program with makey makey’s. As we move forward, I would love to do more in depth programming, which could potentially include some take-home portions as well, to encourage Makey Makey check-outs! I also would love to do some Makey Makey art projects, as well as using Makey Makey to play minecraft!


  6. I’m in grad school be become a librarian soon. My daughter who is 10 loves the idea of mad science and even goes by Evilyn (not Evelyn) while creating crazy things. This kit would be an awesome addition to her elementary school maker space for next year. They do not currently have any Makey Makey items.


  7. I’m going #beyondthebanana this year by transforming our traditional computer lab into a hands-on, flexible seating Innovation Lab with Innovation Station activities, including makey-makeys! This is a huge step out of my comfort zone so I need all the help I can get! I will post updates throughout the year on my website: http://www.tamaraletter.com!


  8. Creating a maker corner in the room for when Ss just need to step away. We will go #beyondthebanana by challenging ourselves to try something we have never done each time we visit this space.


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